I have to admit it. I love NASCAR. I love everything about it. I am a National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing fan. And I love NASCAR. It hasn't always been this way. Prior to 1996, I didn't even know there was such a thing. But as soon as I discovered it, I love NASCAR.

Let me explain. I'm not someone to watch sports on TV. I normally read if sports is on and someone has to watch it. In 1996  my (now) husband took me over to a friend's house to watch a NASCAR race. Everyone there was excited about the race. Watching a race was quite the thing to do. It had never occurred to me to turn NASCAR on in the first place before this. After that one race, I love NASCAR so much I have to watch every race in all three divisions.

That day in 1996, changed my life forever. I found auto racing. Why do I love NASCAR? I love the cars going 200 mph around the track, especially when they're only inches apart from each other. I love the shiny new cars.The roar of the engines. I love the catching and passing. My whole body moves around another car on the track. That first race was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. I love NASCAR.

I'm told that if you want to watch sports, you have to pick a favorite team. And the same holds for NASCAR. That day in 1996, I was told to pick a driver to go for. But since that was my first race, I had no idea who to choose. So they told me to pick a number. My favorite number is 8, with 4 being my second favorite. So I was looking for a car with those numbers. And I found it. A red, white, and blue Quality Care # 88 Ford. (Although at the time I didn't really care what make it was, but I do like Ford.) Everyone told me Dale Jarrett was a great choice. Now I have a Driver and I love NASCAR.

Well, the # 88 won that race! Just think, I'm watching my first race and the driver I just picked won. I was hooked. I love NASCAR. I can't get enough of it. I have to watch Qualifying for a race. I have to watch practice. I have to watch NASCAR news. I love NASCAR so much, I have to plan events around track events.

To let you know how much I love NASCAR, let me tell you a little story. I'm from Upstate New York. My aunt lives in Houston, Tx. In 1998, my brother, living in Austin at the time got married in Texas, and my Mother and sister and I flew there for the wedding. While visiting my aunt, we were to go sightseeing. But the race at Talladega, Al. was on television. So I elected to stay at my aunt's house instead of going sightseeing. And it's a good thing I did, because my # 88 won the race. My Mother, sister and aunt all couldn't figure out how I could give up seeing Houston for watching a race. But I love NASCAR! What more can I say?

I love NASCAR!